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The Dream chaser

We all have heard the saying 'an idle mind is a devil's workshop'. Here is a youngster with a never to give up attitude; who is talented, creative, and is enthusiastic to want to learn about anything and everything. Being lazy or to sit idle and do nothing is not her cup of tea. She is a perfect example of how a person with or without a disability should follow to reach their goals in life.

Shibina P A from Ernakulam is a person with a disability. She is Spinal muscular dystrophy (SMA-2), warrior. She lost her elder brother to the same when he was two years old. When Shibina, at a very young age, started showing symptoms her parents who were aware of the disability, took her to a doctor, and the ailment was confirmed. She was homeschooled, by a visiting teacher, because with her condition she couldn't attend a regular school. Yet she passed her SSLC with good marks. She learned how to use a computer from her little brother who was doing his engineering then.

While scrolling through Facebook last year she came across an article written by Veena Venugopal, the first Indian wheelchair anchor, where she mentioned her being a person with SMA. Shibina got in touch with her which led her to become a member in a WhatsApp group for people with muscular dystrophy called MIND(Mobility in Dystrophy) where she met people who go through the same troubles she faces. Later she was an active member of the group and also played a significant part in the SMA Campaign held in August, hosted by MIND along with the Prajaahita foundation.

It was through MIND she came to know about an online English content writing course for 45 days organized by the Prajaahita foundation through a zoom session. She always wished to have a classroom experience and she felt this was the best opportunity to have that. Before joining the class she never thought it would change her perspective about herself. The encouragement and guidance from the mentors Ms. Kavya, Ms. Sandra, and Ms. Sunitha helped her a lot to break out from the shell. She became more confident and driven to pursue her dreams.

Before the course she used to make handicrafts for her friends and family, also used to take tuition for all subjects for children till secondary section. She always had a poet and a writer hidden inside and the course helped her to give wings to that. She started a blog 'Heart Waves' in WordPress where she pen-down her thoughts in her blogs and writings. She also got an opening to write about technology and mobiles in a WordPress blog called 'Androidden' owned by Akhil Joseph.

For a person, full of energy, hardworking, and with a burning fire inside nothing can stop Shibina from achieving her dreams and goals. Even if there are any hurdles on the way, she's well equipped with a loving, caring, and supportive family and friends and will get past all those hinders.

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