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About us

Prajaahita Foundation is a non-governmental organization (incorporated under Section 8 of the Companies Act,2013) which aspires to create a society of enlightening and compassionate citizens. Prajaahita, is completely aware that this momentous vision can only be executed by reaching out to the grassroots of the society keeping in touch with fellow beings who are bound to the constraints of social and physical challenges. Owing to this reason, the prior objective of Prajaahita is to build an integrated platform:

  • To educate the individual's rights and privileges.

  • To identify and support individuals who are denied their rights and privilege.

  • To help in the rehabilitation of disadvantaged.

  • To inspire and make the youth aware of their significant role in social welfare.  

  • To cater to volunteers for the service of challenged individuals and their carers.

  • To develop a sense of compassion among fellow beings of a community.

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Our Mission is to build an ecosystem that bring possibilities for persons with disabilities and Vulnerable community.



Enhance the wellbeing of individual and Community.

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