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New Beginning...

The year 2020 was a time that felt like the earth stood still. Life changed for everyone. People stayed at their homes for months. But the year also witnessed the world opened to possibilities of online classes and working experiences. For many, life during this year was a breakthrough specially, for people with disabilities.

Prajaahita foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization, played a vital role in changing the lives of many persons with disabilities. One such story is being told by Mr. Gopal Krishnan C V, a resident from Palakkad. He is a person with cerebral palsy. He lives with his mother, brother and his family. In 2014 he moved to Tirunelveli for the purpose of treatment at Amar Seva Sangam, an institution working for the people with disabilities like Autism, Cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, polio and other physical and mental disabilities. During his two years of stay he also worked as a translator to help communication between the patients and the medical team.

After coming back home, he helped kids up to seventh standard, nearby his house by giving tuitions for all subjects. It was during these days he read an article about Ajay Balachadran the co-founder of Prajaahita foundation, who had a spinal cord injury and became quadriplegic after being met with an accident. Gopal Krishnan got in touch with Ajay and told him about the organisation in Tirunelveli and asked him to visit the place if he could. Even though Ajay couldn't visit the place due to other engagements, they became good friends.

During the pandemic in 2020, Prajaahita foundation took an initiative to provide a 45 days online content writing course that could help a person with a disability; who couldn't go out to work and is spending their time and life inside four walls, to have an opportunity to earn and support themselves financially and feel independent to some extent. Gopal Krishnan was very happy about this project and joined the course with all hopes and dreams.

The course not only was educational and informative but it also gave Gopal Krishnan a handful of friends. After the course, he got an opportunity to work as a content writer in a company called '' run by Akhil Joseph where he got to write about sports in the section named 'sporting avenue'. This has changed the life and routine of Gopal Krishnan which he enjoys wholeheartedly.

Things have changed for better for Gopal Krishnan and for other persons with disabilities last year. As it is said that "every end is a new beginning" and let us all hope this year and for many more that follow will be new beginnings.

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