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Through this initiative, we are constantly adding colors to the life of children with disabilities. Collaborations have been made with the teachers and parents in order to give individualized training to children with disabilities. This project aims at creating a bright future for children with disabilities by providing individualized training catering to their needs. This individualized training will help the students to learn according to the caliber and aptitudes. Learning skills and basics of the language will help them to be self-sufficient and independent in the longer run. 

Looking for educational support ...Why wait?
You think you have it in you to become a para-educator?

UDAAN - Dreams Unleashed

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Under the “UDAAN - Dreams Unleashed” programme, we plan to provide remedial education to children with disabilities to help them with the extra care and attention they need in their academics – mainly Maths and English. Our target group includes children with locomotive disability and visual impairment in the age-group of 12-15. The para-educators are postgraduate students from backgrounds like psychology, social work, science, management and human resource who are selected through a rigorous screening process and provided training by disability experts before being assigned to a child. 

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