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I volunteer to Share 

Once our journey continued, we decided to gather people who were interested in experiencing our journey, to make the voyage more memorable. And the pack grew stronger and larger. As we continue to traverse through our path, we are Making space for more people. Each person who became a part of our journey made a difference in someone’s life as well as within themselves.

iV2S is the Volunteering platform that helps us to pool the service-minded citizens from our community. Anybody who wishes to be a part of our family as a volunteer can sign in and register themselves on iV2S through our website. At present we have about 164 volunteers and 13 interns who have joined us.

But when we look back to our journey filled with happiness and full of experiences, it is difficult to fully process the fact that it has been a year but on the flip side, the joy of making others smile is giving us the sense of accomplishment and pride.

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