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The S.M.I.L.E  is an initiative that aims at creating an everlasting smile in the life of persons with disabilities.  This program concentrates on providing the required aids in the domain of education, livelihood, and mobility.  There are different projects which come under this Umbrella program to prepare persons with disabilities to attain self-sufficiency.  Identifying the needs and providing skill-based training to persons with disabilities to mould them for a living is one of the key objectives. Creating a society with compassionate and empathetic human beings where equal opportunities are provided to all remains as our forever goal. We believe that we will be able to reach our goal through this initiative. The project NamukkuChalikam helps persons with disabilities to move out of their confined area and enjoy the world around them. The livelihood program helps people to learn different life skills from basket making to Computer Language. 

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 This is an initiative that provides support to mobility for persons with disabilities. The travel buddies assigned will help to move out of their confined spaces and enjoy the beauty of the outer world. Travel buddies are always their go-to companions for fulfilling all their needs and desires.


Life is nothing but constant learning. Providing an opportunity for persons with disabilities to learn and know better things in life is a key objective of our program.


Persons with disabilities are provided semi-skilled training that helps them to attain independence and be self-sufficient. As a part of the livelihood project, persons with disabilities are taught basket weaving and computer language which will help them to do a job and thereby contributing to the nation's overall development.

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