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                                               Trees of hope

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         Agriculture is one of the best ways to come closer to nature, but not everyone is getting a chance to explore its opportunities, especially disabled persons. Athijeevana is an initiative started with the aim of providing disabled persons an opportunity to be a part of agricultural activities. Under this initiative, beneficiaries will be trained and provided all resources and tools to start cultivation at their residence. Our team will be providing support and guidance to them throughout the entire process. It helps them in boosting their confidence, skill development and in earning an income. It brings them closer to nature and improves their quality of life.

         Athijeevana is currently moving to the third phase of implementation after successfully completing two phases. In the first phase, Prajaahita conducted an awareness campaign for nearly 700 disabled persons. It helped them in understanding more about the needs and several opportunities in the field of agriculture. In its second phase, which started from January 2021, 58 beneficiaries from Palakkad district were identified and provided training and resources to start organic farming. They have completed one crop cycle and are still continuing with the farming activity under our guidance.

          In the upcoming phase, our team is planning to expand this initiative to a greater number of beneficiaries. 125 beneficiaries from the districts of Palakkad and Calicut will be part of the initiative in its first cycle. Our vision is to expand this initiative in such a way that it will benefit nearly 10,000 beneficiaries by 2026. We have also identified various opportunities of commercially producing organic products, which will increase the benefits received by the beneficiaries.

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