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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Let me Introduce myself as Mr. Gopala Krishnan C.V. a Cerebral Palsy affected from Palakkad, Kerala. After my schooling, I want to Govt. Victoria College for B.Com & came

out in2005.Since my movements are restricted I took free home tuitions

till 2014.After a short period I went to Tirunelveli and worked in an NGO

therapy students.

After spending a few year’s there, I came back home. One day I happen to

read an article about Mr. Ajay Balachandran& his condition and we became

good friends. From him I came to know about English content course and I

completed the45 days course.

Thank You,



Introduction: Amar SevaSangam, is an institution working for the people affected with mental and physical disabilities such as Autism, cerebral palsy, Polio, Muscular dystrophy, Visual, hearing & Speech difficulties. It is located in Ayikudi, Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu. Founded by Mr. S.Ramakrishnan in 1981 when he was studying in final year Engineering went for naval officer's selecton in which he met an accident and became spinal-cord injured.Then he was treated by Dr. Amarjith sigh Chahal, hence Mr. Ramakrishnan started an Institutionin his mentor's name "Amar Seva Sangam".

Early Intervention Centre: Here, 0-5age group of children are diagnosed for disabilities like delayed mile-stones are treated and enable them to become normal children when they grow old, like normal children when they grow old.

Academic and Vocational Training Centre: As per the qualification of the disabled candidates are given academic as well as vocational training in the field of Note book making, Tailoring and cloth making, handicrafts, computer training and graduate and post graduate programs along with tie-up's with various universities.

Sivasaraswathy Vidyalaya and Library: The School provides education to normal as well as disabled children ranging from nursery classes to plus two. there is also a library functioning adjacent to the school which contains reference book materials for teachers, newspaper, books and periodicals mostly in the language of Tamil and English.

Post Acute Care Centre for Spinal- Cord Injured Persons : Apart from this, each and every patients are treated by qualified professionals in the field of Physiotherapy and occupational therapy. This helps the patients both mentally and physically to lead an independent life of their own.

Visiting and Training of Foreign Professionals: There will be a short-term visiting and short-term training programs are conducted by the foreign professionals to the existing experts are given batch by-batch throughout the year.

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