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Let's read, learn, and express 

        "Four kids in every classroom have to go through learning difficulties during their childhood" - Dr Geet Oberoi
(Doctorate in Inefficacy of Remedial Intervention in Learning Disabilities.)


        We are a country with a huge kids population and most of them experience a certain level of reading difficulty. Prajaahita foundation has identified the need to help children with their reading skills. We will identify their challenges and help them overcome. The comprehensive development of the brain, problem-solving and analysis skills happen with regular reading. We have understood the necessity to give that 'tiny push' to all our young minds so that they can lay the steps of success.

       Our approach towards this problem is not limited to making them read more. It also includes reading with them, listening, learning and helping them explore the types of content that they love.


According to Annual Status of Education Report, One in two Indian students can't read books meant for third class or below. Most of the children go through difficulties with reading.

Some of them are slow learners but at the same time some can read but they fail to summarize. Some children need constant support
from their parents due to lack of confidence and some need help with the pronunciation.


Most of the time children miss a helping hand till they read with a good flow.


Tailor-made session to optimise reading capability of the child.

Our volunteers will meet the children online and help them to read and repeat the things they love to read. Volunteers coach various techniques of reading.

One trained Volunteer for every two readers.


This 21- days reading session will teach various dimensions of reading, comprehension and sharing of knowledge.   


We target increasing the ability of the kid in a systematic manner by measuring the change that the child makes after each cycle.

We provide feedback for the challenges the child confront and to address the concerns. 


Reading will create Positive impact in the child by:

  • Strengthens the brain.

  • Increases empathy.

  • Builds vocabulary.

  • Prevents cognitive decline.

  • Reduces stress.

  • Alleviates depression.

  • Lengthens lifespan.

Application Process for Students: Roll-On Basis
Process for Volunteers
Application closure for first cycle: 8th June 2021 Tuesday
Interview and selection process ends on: 9th June 2021 Wednesday 
Training session Commencement: 12th June 2021 Saturday
Reading session begins from:15th June 2021 Tuesday

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If you need  reading Support 
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If you  like to offer a helping hand  
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