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Program to Enable Neutrality 


An exclusive cohort  for Women with disabilities 

               Are you a woman with disabilities holding an array of dreams?

    Do you wish for acceptance as a woman with disabilities?

                    Have you ever thought about others thinking on you 'who she is!'?

Prajaahita Foundation is approaching you with

PEN [Program to Enable Neutrality]

to make a woman with disabilities tread over the path of fulfilment and self-efficacy.

What is PEN?

        'Program to Enable Neutrality' is an online cohort designed for women with disability, focusing on their inclusiveness in education, health, employment, family and public affairs. PEN intends to enable leadership in women with disabilities and thus a community with inclusive leadership.


        P.E.N opens a space for women with disabilities to raise their voice over the traditional notions on women with disabilities. This Cohort makes all the participants to think about themselves and know their potential by their own. Women with disabilities will be equipped to come out from the stigmatised world to the world of courage and determination.


        PEN, through its well-defined sessions ensure a new thought of life in each participant of the workshop and bridges Women with Disability to the world of acceptance. They can practice all the learnings from the cohort in their life along with a sustainable overview. They can share all learnings with other women with disabilities and build a network of themselves which paves a way for a space for women with disabilities in this world.      

Who can be our participants?

The workshop is for women with disabilities age 18 - 35. years and caretakers.

Course format

  • Make women with disability know about their own strength and ability.

  • Create awareness on various possibilities in the life of women with disability.

  • Provide a space for women with disabilities to raise their voice.

Course objective

        The cohort is of three months duration, devised with five major modules which discuss different issues to the core. Each module provides a vast overview in the corresponding area which helps women with disability to be equipped with self-knowledge. It provides a space for peer group interaction and practical sessions in the enhancement of life skills. The ardent participation of the participants is expected throughout the cohort.

Information to be noted

        The Application portal will be opened by 1st of June 2021. Applicants have to submit the filled google form within the due date.  


        Admission Criteria: Thirty-five seats are permitted for the workshop. Candidates have to fill up the application form followed by an Individualised interview. The Selection process will be based on the provided information in the application form and interview.


Course fees : 600/-


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