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Program to Enable Neutrality 


An exclusive cohort  for Women with disabilities 

               Are you a woman with disabilities holding an array of dreams?

    Do you wish for acceptance as a woman with disabilities?

                    Have you ever thought about others thinking on you 'who she is!'?

Prajaahita Foundation is approaching you with

PEN [Program to Enable Neutrality]

to make a woman with disabilities tread over the path of fulfilment and self-efficacy.

What is PEN?

        'Program to Enable Neutrality' is an online cohort designed for women with disability, focusing on their inclusiveness in education, health, employment, family and public affairs. PEN intends to enable leadership in women with disabilities and thus a community with inclusive leadership.


        P.E.N opens a space for women with disabilities to raise their voice over the traditional notions on women with disabilities. This Cohort makes all the participants to think about themselves and know their potential by their own. Women with disabilities will be equipped to come out from the stigmatised world to the world of courage and determination.


        PEN, through its well-defined sessions ensure a new thought of life in each participant of the workshop and bridges Women with Disability to the world of acceptance. They can practice all the learnings from the cohort in their life along with a sustainable overview. They can share all learnings with other women with disabilities and build a network of themselves which paves a way for a space for women with disabilities in this world.      

Who can be our participants?

The workshop is for women with disabilities age 18 - 35. years and caretakers.

Course format

  • Make women with disability know about their own strength and ability.

  • Create awareness on various possibilities in the life of women with disability.

  • Provide a space for women with disabilities to raise their voice.

Course objective

        The cohort is of three months duration, devised with five major modules which discuss different issues to the core. Each module provides a vast overview in the corresponding area which helps women with disability to be equipped with self-knowledge. It provides a space for peer group interaction and practical sessions in the enhancement of life skills. The ardent participation of the participants is expected throughout the cohort.

Information to be noted

        The Application portal will be opened by 1st of June 2021. Applicants have to submit the filled google form within the due date.  


        Admission Criteria: Thirty-five seats are permitted for the workshop. Candidates have to fill up the application form followed by an Individualised interview. The Selection process will be based on the provided information in the application form and interview.


Course fees : 600/-


Further Queries:


Apply now

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  to register for PEN

  • What is minimum age to volunteer?
    We prefer people who are 20 years old.
  • Will my schedules be flexible? / How many sessions would I have to take per week and what is the duration of one session ?
    Yes. Arrangement of schedule is done by your program coordinators. They will help you to plan the sessions. We are happy to make the sessions flexible according your informing to us beforehand. You can communicate with the program coordinators and let them know your time and content. We are planning 5 classes in one week for 21 days. Duration of each session will be 45 minutes.
  • Will this commitment affect my work-life balance?
    No. It won’t affect your work-life balance. The proper preference and selection of time and content will help you as well as the children. You can inform the program coordinators during emergencies and they will help you to compensate what children miss on that day.
  • Will I be given training before the beginning of the program?
    Yes , the volunteers will be given adequate training on reading skills, classroom management skills, class room etiquettes and code of conduct.
  • How many sessions make one cycle?
    21 sessions make one cycle. We are planning five sessions in one week for month. Duration of each session will be 45 minutes
  • How many students do I have to help during the completion of one cycle?
    We try to keep the student-mentor ratio to 2:1 as it would help us give individual care and attention to every child attending our program. Each volunteer can choose a maximum of 2 kids per cycle , if a volunteer has availability at more time slots he can apply for more , if a volunteer wants to help more than two students , he would have to go approach the Everreaday team before giving out extra time slots.
  • Can I volunteer if I am not from Kerala/Outside Kerala?
    You can. We will identify children who are good at the language you can accommodate. However, english is a must. Being proficient at more than 2 languages can be a brownie point.
  • What education qualifications should I have to become a volunteer?
    Minimum education qualification to apply for the volunteer program is graduation. More than your educational qualification, we would love to see the enthusiasm and passion to get involved in helping the kids and having a fun time with them.
  • How is the selection process/criteria for the volunteer program?
    The volunteers can apply through the Everreadday page on our official website or contact us at 9539320475.
  • What will be my commitments after becoming a volunteer?
    More than seeing the program as a commitment, we urge you to see this as a fun activity for both volunteer and the kids where they both get to interact, engage and do activities on reading and learning together, helping in the constant of the child.
  • What are the benefits of being a Everreadday volunteer?
    Helping the young generation by supporting children, their parents and the teachers. Reducing the unwanted stress of children, providing judgement-free training, orientations to identify and reshape your own skills. Ultimately you will be able to manage a portfolio. You can manage your speaking and analytical skills as well.
  • How many hours should I conduct the classes? Can I go for short sessions in a day?
    Each session would be 45 minutes. You can first understand the capacity of the child you are interacting with, according to the speed of comprehension and reading you can also split the sessions into two 20 minute sessions. If you guys need more help, Prajaahita team is always here to help.
  • I don't read a lot but my language is good. Can I apply for the program?
    Yes you can. As long as you are confident that you can help the child to improve his reading ability and comprehending skills, you can apply for the program. The selection of the volunteers will be done only after an interview.
  • How am I doing the reporting and documentation of details?
    Documentation and reporting procedures will be hassle free and volunteers can count on us to help them along the way so that they can put their complete effort to make the sessions fun and interactive.
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