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Webinar on

Speech Therapy

13|03|2021 Saturday

The difficulties that occur with conversations and interpersonal transactions are one among the major problems faced by many individuals, these days. Prajaahita foundation conducted a webinar on “Speech Therapy” on 13th March2021 from 4.00 PM to 5.00 pm, in order to support the individuals suffering from speech- related difficulties. The session was chaired by

Dr. Jacob Pappen, an eminent Consultant Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist.

           The idea of communication is something which  we should understand even before knowing what speech therapy is. Communication is a process of transaction of ideas or information from one person to another using a medium or a channel. Speech and language comes under the whole system of ‘communication’.Speech is an essential part of communication and is considered as the channel of communication.

             There are two types of communication; verbal and nonverbal. Verbal communication is a process possible with the application of words and non- verbal is the one which uses actions and gestures other than words.
If we consider a classroom in a special school, four among ten children are nonverbal. It is socially and ethically injustice to avoid them.Speech therapy should be given to them on a frequent flow. These children are trained through actions, pointers or facial expressions.

How to give speech therapy at home?

          We can call speech therapy home therapy as it is given from home. The home can be considered as a clinic in that scenario and parents become clinicians. There are benefits and drawbacks in giving speech therapy at home. Providing therapy from the early stages of growth, based on the close observation from parents will be effective and helpful. Moreover, home therapy helps to avoid the issues in travel and is time saving. The drawbacks of home therapy are the chances of deficiency of practice and knowledge of parents.

          Parents’ counseling to the children lacks in the home therapy method. Generally,clinicians understand the problem of the child, reasons for the problem and give the clear picture and guidance to parents on how to rectify and overcome these problems. It will bemore helpful for the child to get home therapy after the clinic visit and expert’s guidance for once. Parent shave to act and take care of the children as therapists because they may not find the problem looking from the perspective of parents.

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