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Leveraging Our Stories

for Everyday Inclusion

29|03|2021, Monday

A personal brand is a vivid indication of the best you have to offer – the performance, contributions, and value your society can expect from you. The brand you communicate with marks your career reputation and is in some respects a promise. When you carry a personal brand, your unique promise of value precedes you and has far-reaching effects throughout your life journey. Prajaahita Foundation organized a webinar on personal branding with the topic"Leveraging our stories for change & everyday inclusion" for Women withDisabilities as part of the Saukhyam Project on 29th March 2021 Monday from 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM. The speaker of the webinar was Rekha Saleela Nair [PersonalBranding Strategist, Consultant & Coach, Founder of Dragonfiles Everywhere].

The session covers;

  • The science of an authentic personal branding.

  • How to get started in building a personal brand.

  • To tell our personal stories so we can build influence and achieve our goals for ourselves and our community.

Rekha Saleela Nair [PersonalBranding Strategist, Consultant & Coach, Founder of Dragonflies Everywhere].

          We can create change in the world only when we have influence. This means we must be able to connect and influence a mass of people to listen to us and to support the work we are doing to create inclusion and change.

          Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools for building influence. We all are storytellers. It is through stories that we connect and communicate as human beings. But most of us do not use storytelling as a tool to foster inclusion, to build influence and to create change because we do not see ourselves as storytellers. We focus on the limitations we think we have, like everyday incidents are not stories, we do not have the language skills, etc. We overthink and overcomplicate an innate skill we have. Emotion is the most important thing a story must evoke in the audience. You need to make our audience feel. This is actually easy when compared to both credibility and logic. Because, whenever we tell a story our brain will automatically respond and an empathetic connection is built. So, we just need to try it.

The storyteller’s credibility

          A storyteller's credibility is built by his/her personal brand. A personal brand is your promise to the marketplace and the world. This promise is defined as what value we offer to the world and this is determined at the conjunction of who we say we are and how the world sees us. There is a common point between these two and that is where our personal brand sits.

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