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Prajaahita Foundation

Seeing Ability Beyond Impairment

Prajaahita Foundation is a non-governmental organization (incorporated under section 8 of Companies Act, 2013) which aspires to create a society of enlightened and compassionate citizens. The major objective of Prajaahita foundation is to build an integrated platform:

  • To educate an individual on their rights and privileges

  • To identify and support individuals who are denied of their rights and privilege

  • To help in the rehabilitation of Person with disability

  • To inspire and make the youth aware of their significant role in social welfare

  • To develop a sense of compassion among fellow beings of a community

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    Concept clearing sessions for equivalency exam 2020-2021
    Time is TBD


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It’s high time to discuss social harmony and equality in this fast running consumerist world where struggling and slow are being neglected. The challenge is with the helping hands during the big race becomes faster and longer. We, Prajaahita foundation, are trying with a tiny step to bring the holistic details and stories of our enquiries on the idea- “Inclusion”.
“The Voice” looks at an in-depth search on lives of people who are marginalized due to impairment. This program functions mainly from the 5 areas which are Education, Health, Livelihood, Public policy and Accessibility. The stories of exclusion, rejection, personal hardships and also the success and comebacks of individuals which are unheard and untold will be showcased here. The Voice will echo in the forms of audio-visual contents, social media posts and newsletters to bring the stories to the light for the public. 
Let us wait for the stories. Let us listen to the unheard. The mirrors of words shall reflect us the realities.