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Storytelling competition

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      Prajaahita Foundation's Ever-read-day reading initiative has launched  a storytelling  competition for children with disabilities between the age group 8- 17 ( Age limit for people with intellectual disability is
21 years) to commemorate National Reading Day (19 June 2021).   

The competition is to identify the comprehension/storytelling skills in children with disability,  acknowledge their curiosity to share knowledge and motivate others into the world of books

   Children can always be in immense love with stories and books. Reading stories and treading through the characters and plots leads them to the world of imagination. If your child is in fond of reading, Prajaahita Foundation is here with a story telling competition for your little one. Do enroll and be an inspiration for others.


Who can apply

Children with disabilities according to their age group can apply in the following category :

1. Intellectual disability

 a) Category 1 (age 8 to 13)

 b) Category 2 (Age 14 to 21)

2. Locomotive disability

  a) Category-1(Age 8 to 10)

  b) Category -2 (Age 11 to 13)

  c) Category-3 (Age 14-17)


3. Hearing Impairment

  a) Category-1 (Age 8 to 10)

  b) Category -2 (Age 11 to 13)

  c) Category-3 (Age 14-17)


4. Visual impairment

  a) Category-1 (Age 8 to 10)

  b) Category -2 (Age 11 to 13)

  c) Category-3 (Age 14-17)

How to apply

Children are free to read any fictional books belonging to any language but they should make sure that the video summary is either Malayalam or English or Indian Sign Language. Contestant have to shoot a 7-10 minute video summary of the book they have read and share that to us. Children can directly fill the form given on Prajaahita's website or Whatsapp the videos to 9539320745.

***For evaluation purposes, we will be uploading the participation videos to our social media.


Children, their parents and relatives, schools, and organizations will get a chance to nominate the children they know. This program helps the children to prepare for effective summarization and video making will enable them to upgrade their  technological skills. There are eleven categories based on the age and disabilities.


There will be two winners from each category. The schools with highest number of contestants will get special mention.

The last date for submission of review videos is on 10th July 2021(Saturday) and the announcement of results will be on 15th of July 2021(Thrusday).

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