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Booklet for Reading Assessment

Need of the booklet

     Even now, our country with a huge young population experience certain level of reading difficulties. Prajaahita foundation has identified the need to help children with their reading skills. We identify their challenges and help them overcome. We have understood the necessity to give that 'tiny push' to all our young minds so that they can lay the steps of success. Our approach towards this problem is not limited to make them read more. It also includes reading with them, listening, learning and aid them to discover the types of content that they love.


     This initiative focuses on children between 8-16 years. This 21-days' 30 minutes reading session teaches various dimensions of reading and comprehension. We create a healthy and constant reading habit among the children and a judgement-free mentor support to make their language and academics skills better. Passionate volunteers trained by Prajaahita have joined their hands for ensuring a productive environment by sharing their expertise to engage and assist the children from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds.


About the Booklet

The booklet for Reading Progress Assistance is a reflection of the Ever-Read-Day program. This material is for the parents and trainers. It contains suggestions, links to supervise and support the children. This will help the reading buddies (parents/trainers) to update themselves, learn and unlearn, and work on the existing set of instructions and materials. The links, assessment sheet, list of movies, comics and mobile applications will boost your confidence and encompass various sets of learning.

Download the Booklet here

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