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We Do Act for Persons with Disabilities

         In this second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have identified that people with disabilities are facing more challenges than any other person. The persons diagnosed with locomotive disorder, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury and so forth are not able to get adequate physical engagement like therapies or even assistance in day to day activities results in physical issues such as bed sores and mental issues like anxiety, stress, depression. Additionally, most of the people with disability doing menial jobs for living lost their earnings which made their living worse.     

          How can we find solutions for the plight of person with disability? What are we missing in our responds? How can we bridge the gap? Prajaahita foundation is trying to approach the situation in a prolific way. We are studying the scenario in depth and analyse the challenges faced by person with disability and actions that can be provided for them to overcome the problems.   


          With this Covid Action plan for Persons with disabilities (CAPD) we analyse the major challenges faced by persons with disabilities and support in the changes that can be made into system to ensure inclusiveness. We also equip them to speak out their needs and fulfils it in a collaborative way.

Our Action Plan


 Analyse people, process, program for covid 19 response.

We analyse the role of various stakeholders, Government, NGOs, and front-line health workers in providing first-hand information for the person with disability in relation with the covid response. We support in listing out reasonable accommodation and strategies to be carried out in containment and buffer zone along with the programmes implemented by the government for the vulnerable persons. 


Empower Persons with disabilities to be self advocate for their health rights.

We inquire the status of health, vaccination challenge, pension and availability of necessary aids for Persons with disabilities. We work on a personnel and collective response for Identification of challenges, coverage of programs and policies, and proposal of solutions are the fundamental aims.   


We ensure Covid -19 information and services are accessible for persons with disabilities.

We make sure that the information, facilities, services and programmes in relation with COVID-19 response and recovery are inclusive for person with disability at ground level. Further more we scrutinize the needed improvisations to make the information and services obtainable for persons with disability. Along with this we analyse the best practices and implementations to be done for inclusive society.

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