Prajaahita launch project: നിറം പകരാം #Nirampakaraam

It's with great delight that we inform our little steps in this momentous journey. The initial project of Prajaahita നിറം പകരാം successfully accomplished by gifting color pencils to the students of The #Amrita Institute for Differently Abled. This organization is dedicated to providing education for differently-abled children, including those with Down’s Syndrome, epilepsy, autism, and intellectual developmental disability.

As team Prajaahita approached AIDA, the suggestion was clear that there is a consistent requirement for color pencils. Finding the supporters for this great cause, Prajahita executed the project on 10/10/19, owing to the wonderful response from the faculty and students at AIDA, Prajaahita is now on the way to take this project on a regular basis.